Abort Mission

Recently, I have been transfixed with the topic of creation versus destruction and have managed to apply it towards many features in every day life. With creation comes destruction, and with destruction comes creation. Thus, the two are opposite sides of the same piece. Next, I will attempt to apply this same idea to the possible closure of the federal government. Even though the deadline for the budget to pass was Friday at midnight, I haven’t exactly been staying up to date with current affairs and don’t know if it went through or not. However, I have not noticed a difference in day to day life. It seems to me that if we were not to receive a federal budget, then matters of infrastructure would be left solely to the state, a form of government known as a Confederacy. With the destruction of one government would come the creation of another.

If the Federal government were to shut down necessary programs like the VA, I believe that the community would take over. In times of hardship it is for the common people to take notice, take control, and do something. It would be time to take one for the team. We’re all experiencing hardships, but some of us more than others. Those that could still spare a few dollars would be obliged to help funding, and those that can’t could still spend some of their spare time volunteering to cover the positions left vacant by the furloughed Federal employees. With the destruction of an overseeing government comes the creation of a greater sense of community and responsibility. This world lives in balances. Similarly, the old adage “when one door closes, another door opens.” I believe these ideas would both ring true in the instance of a Federal government shutdown.

America is a country founded from the “poor, huddled masses” which has worked its way up to be the richest country on Earth. We are a hard working people and, no matter what, I am proud to be one of the many striving for the continuance of social justices. A temporary haltage in government would only be a speed bump. It will slow us down, but we will speed up right back and get back on track. We will continue to improve and take situations into command. We are the leader of the free world and it’s our duty to provide an example of how a country should be run. Get back on the horse and let’s go. Let’s not get hung up on a personal opinion. Concentrate on what’s right and what it means to be American and you should know how to fix this problem.

  1. #1 by shotinty on April 14, 2011 - 7:35 pm

    i do think that the States will step up and take care of their own. Hard times do bring people together.

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