On The Lighter Side

With this blog post, I’ve decided to take a break from the usual longwinded, war-based patterned blogs that I have been tending towards. Instead I will tell you a little about Ludwig der Zweite, the person responsible for all of the majestic castles found throughout Bavaria (the southernmost German state). Ludwig II became king of Bavaria at the age of 18 after the death of his oppressive father Maximilian II. Named after his grandfather, Ludwig der Erste, Ludwig der Zweite was destined to take after the eccentric side of the royal family. Between the intense regimens of politics and financing classes his father would make him take in his youth, Ludwig II would sneak out of Nymphenburg Palace, the house of his family, to explore the Black Forest with his grandfather – who would tell him traditional fairy tale stories that captured his imagination. Thus, beginning  Ludwig II’s reputation as der Märchenkönig (the fairy-tale king).

Schlöss Neuschwanstein.

As soon as he became king, good ol’ Louis Two began reallocating taxpayer’s money to finance more liberal aspirations, such as the majority of Richard Wagner’s operatic works, and the castles that gave Walt Disney wet dreams.

If it were not for Ludwig II, much of Wagner’s works would not have been accomplished, due to Wagner’s personal reputation as a philanderer and was in constant debt and in danger of being jailed for running from debt collectors. I am a bit of a classical music nerd, so I feel that just by enabling Wagner to write entitles him to at least a trophy or something. I mean, damn. Back in his day, Wagner was akin to a heavy metal god. The elderly found his music offensive, and the young went out and got in fights after the show just to burn off some of the remaining adrenaline.

Linderhof Grotto of Venus.

After 22 years of spending taxpayers’ money on such ridiculously awesome things as a grotto in the middle of a castle, Ludwig II mysteriously died on the shore of the Starnberger Lake. His body was found next to the body of his walking partner, and the official ruling was suicide by drowning. However, an autopsy revealed no water in his lungs and much later an eye-witness stated that he saw the king shot twice in the back by a small group of taxpayers seeking revolution. To this day it is not clear why the specifics of his death were covered up, but it cannot be denied that the beauty he left on this world was real. 

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