Lie be ya

I firmly believe that it is not in anybody’s best interest for the United States, or even any other Western power, to become involved in the situation in Libya. Africa and the Middle East collectively have almost what seems to be a tradition of corruption in government. Correlatively, the West has a tradition of ignoring the plights of these countries. The most surprising feature of the Libyan state of affairs is the amount of Western attention it has received. How is Libya any different than the rebellions in Niger, Guinea, Mauritania, or Guinea-Bissau? All of which occurred within this last half-decade.

Ever since the Berlin Conference of 1884, Africa has seen more than its fair share of war and self indulgences. Due to the rich supply of resources, including slave trade, the European powers essentially outlined the rules for divvying up Africa. Big names in the field were Spain, Portugal, Britain, Italy, Belgium, England, and Germany. Each of these countries made stakes. Indeed, it’s not a short list. With no regard for ethnic or social boundaries, the European countries split up Africa to their own ends. This has caused much turmoil to this day. With no uniting factors many African countries have no reason to stick together, besides their artificial boundaries – which they had no part in staking. This has left many corrupt dictators and monarchists to do as they choose since the majority of Europe has pulled themselves from Africa. Libya is not to be unincluded from this mess.

In order to fix Libya, a much larger overhaul would be necessary. Polls would have to be taken and the entire continent would have to be geographically surveyed and gerrymandered. Obviously, this is a much larger undertaking than any country or groups of countries would be willing to take on. And still not everybody would be happy. War would conclude until every person in Africa has a vendetta on another. While my heart goes out to Libya, and the rest of Africa, I really don’t believe there is a way to prevent war. It is simply inevitable in this continent. I know it is very sad, and it does sadden me as well, but from my comprehension there is just no way to protect this continent from war. It must play out and hopefully it will heal its own wounds.

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